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This is a directory of companies and organisations that supply irrigation equipment and provide advisory services.

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Unico (UK) Ltd

Steve Somes


Garamonde Drive
Milton Keynes

01908 260000
01908 260360

Unico (UK) Ltd, a company within the Regal Beloit Group, manufacture application specific variable speed/torque/position AC motor control systems for industry, oil producers, water distributors and specialist markets worldwide. <br /><br /> Unico (UK) Ltd, established in 1979, have been supplying constant pressure and/or constant flow pump control solutions for more than 16 years. Irrigation Systems in current operation control from 1 to 8 surface or submersible pumps with individual power ratings between 11kW and 150kW. These control systems operate in pump houses, control rooms or outdoors, in ambient temperatures from -20 degrees C (Siberia) to +55 degrees C (Kuwait and Saharan Africa). The actual pumping product range is from 0.75kW up to 1MW so no matter what the application, Unico (UK) Ltd has the solution.