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This is a directory of companies and organisations that supply irrigation equipment and provide advisory services.

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Javelin Irrigation Systems Ltd

David Bird


The Pump House
Belvoir Way
Fairfield Industrial

LN11 0YA
01507 607175
01507 607521

Javelin is one of the leading irrigation and pumping equipment suppliers in the UK and represents some of the world's leading manufacturers, including Irrifrance, RM, Rovatti and Komet. Our wide range of products are suitable for most applications in agriculture, horticulture, landscape amenity, sports turf and industry. Products include Hose Reel Irrigators, Boom Irrigators suitable for connecting to every type of hose reel, Self-Travelling Irrigators, Pumps (for clean and dirty water), Diesel Engine Pump Units, Pipes (aluminium, galvanised steel, MDPE, PVC) and Rainguns and Sprinklers (for irrigation, dirty water, mining, dust suppression) together with ancillary equipment for system connection.