Irrigation in UK

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Irrigation booklets

One of our main activities is to promote better irrigation management through knowledge transfer. Together with Cranfield University we have produced a series of information booklets that tackle key irrigation issues. The booklets are targeted at farmers and growers and stakeholders with an interest in irrigation water resources management. Eight booklets have been produced with funding support from a range of organisations including the Environment Agency, Natural England, Defra, and the East of England Development Agency (EEDA).

The booklets address issues such as improving irrigation scheduling, implementing water abstractor groups, coping with water scarcity, climate change impacts, reservoir development, new technologies in irrigation equipment, and water resources for agriculture.

The booklets were produced for a UK audience, but many of the messages and guidance have direct international relevance. Pdf copies of each booklet can be downloaded by clicking on the booklet. Hard copies can also be obtained from the Secretariat, click here