Irrigation in UK

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Irrigation science

There is a wealth of information available on irrigation science internationally via search engines, and internet discussion forums, such as Irrigation_L and Trickle_L

In the UK, much of the irrigation related science (relating to crop agronomy, yield response, drought stress, water management, equipment, engineering, and climate change impacts) has been undertaken by researchers working at a few key universities and institutes, including Cranfield University, the University of East Anglia, Cambridge University Farm, Southampton University, Lancaster University and East Malling Research. For more information, contact the relevant irrigation science contact point at each of these institutions:

Dr Jerry Knox (Cranfield University)

Dr Bruce Lankford (University of East Anglia)

Dr. Mark Stalham (Cambridge University Farm)

Dr Derek Clarke (Southampton University)

Prof Bill Davies (Lancaster University)

Dr. Mark Else (East Malling Research)