Greencrop Irrigation

Dereham Road, Beeston
King’s Lynn, Norfolk
PE32 2LE

Howard Chantry
07881 787997
01328 701992

A large range of our portfolio is manufactured by us in the UK, including our own engine pump sets for irrigation, slurry and digestate. We also manufacture hose recovery reelers, vacuum and water tankers, high speed bunded fuel bowsers including AdBlue, plus dirty water PTO and electric pumps, and slurry yard scrapers.

We are sole importers of Irrimec quality irrigation hose reels from Italy, Otech Linear irrigation systems from France and the Multicam dirty water irrigator from New Zealand.

For slurry handling, we are the sole importer of the high quality Veneroni mixers and full range of slurry pumps, plus the unique WAM system for slurry and digestate separation. From Denmark, we offer a range of hydraulic pumps and mixers, plus a green bedding separator from Holland.

Our wealth of knowledge in both the clean water and slurry sectors of farming gives us the experience to help and guide you in selecting the best solution for your own requirements.

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