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UKIA Spring Conference 2020

Can agriculture get a fair share of our nation's water resources?

Or are we seeing the gradual decline of irrigated farming?

Orton Hall Hotel, Peterborough

Regulatory changes continue at pace for agricultural abstractors. Defra and the Environment Agency continue to seek ways to improve future water resources management for all but the questions we continue to ask are, given the profound expected changes — Can agriculture expect a fair share of the national resource? Or are we seeing the gradual demise of irrigated farming?

Water resources management is a national challenge and the Environment Agency plans to publish a new National Water Framework in early 2020: an integrated approach to managing our limited and scarce resources. How will the agricultural sector feature in this framework? We still do not have a strategy for irrigated agriculture - do we need one? Who will own the Framework? And how will the plans unfold in practice?

Priorities differ across the country and so local problems will require local solutions. In our water-scarce eastern and southern areas, catchment management trials are underway to see how best to locally manage water resources. How do we ensure that agricultural water requirements will be integral to decision-making and coordinated with the legal requirements of the new Water Framework. How do we avoid agriculture’s traditional role of playing catch-up’?

Come and engage with - leading figures from farming, the Environment Agency, Rivers Trust, Centre for Hydrology, Cranfield University to discuss national and local management options for future water management.

Droughts are never far away. This year our special guest is Professor Mike Muller from South Africa. He says that we should stop blaming climate change for our water problems and he describes those who dominate the water sector in South Africa as Lions and Hyenas. So who are our lions and who are the hyenas? Come along and find out.


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Start date : Thursday 5th March 2020 : End date : Thursday 5th March 2020

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UK Irrigation Association (UKIA) is the only independent organisation representing irrigation in the UK. We are a voice for irrigation in the debate over the future of UK's water resources; we advocate the wise use of water in agriculture, in amenity and in sports and leisure; and we promote good irrigation design and management practices.

Using water wisely for irrigation

Irrigated agriculture is important in the UK's rural economy. More than 1,000 agri-businesses, large and small, depend on irrigation to supply high quality fresh fruit and vegetables to the nation's supermarkets - arguably one of the most sophisticated markets in the world. Irrigated agriculture employs over 50,000 people and annually contributes over £3bn to the rural economy.

Irrigation is also important in the urban environment - keeping sports turf in peak condition for play and providing high quality amenity and leisure facilities.

But today, irrigation faces new challenges - new regulations, increasing risks of droughts and floods, climate change, public pressures for greater accountability and environmental sustainability. UKIA helps members to meet these challenges.


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