Jack Wright Memorial Trust

The Jack Wright Memorial Trust was set up in 1966 to honour the memory of Jack Wright, a pioneer of irrigation in the UK and the founder of Wright Rain Ltd, a well-known manufacturer of irrigation equipment.

Travel Scholarships

The purpose of the trust is to support career development of young people who have interest in agricultural irrigation and who are seeking to develop their expertise. It is the normal practice of the trust to make several awards each year to applicants in the age range 20 to 30 years.
Over its 50+ years existence the trust has sought to achieve its purpose through a number of different initiatives, including:
  • Full scholarships for MSc study in UK
    • Awards for early career professionals for travel overseas to study water management in agriculture, including irrigation.
    Past recipients of these awards have traveled to many countries, including Bulgaria, Italy, USA, Morocco, Egypt, India, Peru, Thailand, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. 
To receive a Travel Scholarship, you must demonstrate a clear commitment to water management through formal education, teaching, research, consultancy or business. You will probably be at an early stage in your career development, although the Trust will consider all applications.

For example you might be a student undertaking work experience as part of your course or completing a dissertation or thesis, or in employment seeking to increase your knowledge. Whatever your background you will be asked to satisfy the Trustees that you intend to make agricultural water management a subject of particular interest in your future career.

Spain November 2023

Laura and Charlotte attended a UKIA visit to Murcia in Spain to explore approaches to drought and on-farm water management practices and the role of water abstractor groups

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Scholars presenting at  UKIA AGM
Scholars in Cyprus in 2019
Scholars in Bulgaria in 2018