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Monthly water situation report for East Anglia September 2019

Jack Wright Memorial Trust flyer for travel scholarships 2019

New authorisations options for existing licence holders

New authorisations frequently asked questions

New authorisations update June 2019

Netafim potato day 8 July 2019

Environment Agency water situation report East of England for May 2019

Prospects for spray irrigation forecast from May 2019

EA Monthly water situation report East Anglia March 19

IRRIGEX 2019 Future of irrigation for soft and top fruit Mark Else

IRRIGEX 2019 A water strategy for agriculture Jerry Knox

IRRIGEX 2019 Planning future water resources in England and Wales Paul Hickey

IRRIGEX 2019 Planning irrigation systems Bill Basford

IRRIGEX 2019 A personal perspective on irrigation and drainage Anthony Hopkins

IRRIGEX 2019 Drought resistance, tolerance, and irrigation response of potatoes Mark Stalham

IRRIGEX 2019 Future of fruit and veg production Peter Kendall

IRRIGEX 2019 How farmers and growers assess and manage drought Ian Holman

IRRIGEX 2019 A fair share of water in 2019 and beyond Paul Hammett

Irrigation prospects for England Feb 2019

UKIA Spring Conference at IRRIGEX 2019 rvised programme

List of speakers for IRRIGEX and FLOODEX Feb 2019

EA Monthly water situation report for East Anglia January 2019

Agricultural demand forecasting emerging from WRE work (Knox et al 2018)

IRRIGEX conference programme 2019 latest

leaflet for Irrigators handbook jan 2019

Irrigation training at Cranfield Feb 2019

Irrigation training at Cranfield Feb 2019

Environment Agency water situation Nov 2018

Advertising for Irrigators Handbook

Bulgaria programme 2018

JWMT scholarship for Bulgaria 2018

Anglian Farmer Sept 2018

Dry weather abstraction briefing 2018

Metering and water use efficiency may 2018

Initial priority catchments May 2018

EPR briefing May 2018

Water situation in East Anglia April 2018

SDG flyer May 2018

UKIA conference 2018 Coping with drought in S Africa Wiehann Steyn (13Mb)

UKIA conference 2018 COSMOS: A soil moisture monitoring network for the uk David Boorman CEH (5Mb)

UKIA Conference 2018 Suffolk Holistic water management project Paul Bradford Consultant (10Mb)

UKIA Conference 2018 Irrigation needs fo protected and container plants John Adlam HTA (2Mb)

UKIA Conference 2018 My perspective on irrigation and drainage over 50 years Anthony Hopkins Wrootwater (4Mb)

UKIA Conference 2018 The abstraction plan Paul Hammett NFU (0.5Mb)

UKIA Conference 2018 Working togethere Paul Hickey Environment Agency (2Mb)

2018 Annual conference programme

James Dodds on licence reform Nov 2017

Essential need postion paper Nov 2017

Jack Wright travel scholarships 2017

Prospects for spray irrigation in Anglian region April 2017

Floodex 2017 programme

Report on minimum standards for water reuse in irrigation 2017

Propsects for spray irrigation 2017

UKIA conference 2017 Joe Morris on water and Brexit

UKIA conference 2017 James Dodds on water monitoring

UKIA conference 2017 Jeremy Wiltshire on AHDB irrigation survey

UKIA conference 2017 Tom Tebb on Yakima Valley USA

UKIA conference 2017 Paul Leinster on the environment

UKIA conference 2017 Innes Thomson on IDBs and drainage

UKIA conference 2017 Jerry Knox assessing future water for ag

UKIA conference 2017 DAvid Matthew farmer view of WRE

UKIA conference 2017 Steve Moncaster on WRE

UKIA spring conference 2017

AGM minutes for 2015

UKIA Proxy form for AGM 2017

UKIA AGM Agenda jan 2017

Brief on Valencia visit 2016

Latest trickle irrigation news Aug 2016

AHDB water survey 2016

DRY project day 24 May 2016

AHDB irrigation survey in Anglia Farmer March 2016

Paul Hammett writing in Anglia Farmer March 2016

Andrew Alston writing in Anglia Farmer March 2016

Melvyn Kay writing in Anglia Farmer March 2016

UKIA conference 2016 Tim Benton on Risks and Resilience of Global Food Systems

UKIA conference 2016 Steve Moncaster on WREA project

UKIA conference 2016 Ian Barker on International Approaches to Water Allocation and Governance

UKIA conference 2016 Henry Leveson-Gower on Abstraction Licence Reform

UKIA conference 2016 Jaoquin Andreu on Droughts in Spain

UKIA conference 2016 Jamie Lockhart Abstractor Groups to reduce risk and uncertainty

UKIA conference 2016 Ian Holman on Managing risks, impacts and uncertainty of drought

UKIA conference 2016 Trevor Bishop on Managing Drought

Flyer for 2016 Annual Conference

AGM proxy form 2015

AGM Agenda 2015

E news June 2015

Visit to Israel

Prospects for irrigation in East of England 2015

UKIA Conference 2015 - Paul Quinn paper on his 5% deal for holding water on farm

UKIA conference 2015 - Unmanned aerial vehicles and RS

UKIA conference 2015 - Water as a critical business issue

UKIA conference 2015 - Aquatic ecosystem services

UKIA conference 2015 - Lessons from R Eden catchment

UKIA conference 2015 - lessons from R Wensum

UKIA conference 2015 - A farm business perspective

UKIA conference 2015 - WFD - a regulators perspective

Postion paper from Water for Food Group on abstraction reform January 2015

Prospects for irrigation in Anglian region 2015

Conference 2015 Evaluation

Conference 2015 programme

Conference 2015 biographies

Spring conference 2015 flyer

Water and energy footprints for irrigated agriculture in Mediterranean region (a Daccache et al)

Myths of water efficiency Nov 2014

AGM agenda 12 December 2014

AGM proxy voting form 2014

Defra abstraction reform newsletter Nov 2014

World Water Summit Nov 6th 2014

Abstraction reform - summary of responses July 2014

Spray irrigation prospects for 2014 in East of England

Water for Food Group submission to Defra consultation on licence reform Mar 2014

UKIA 2014 Precision Irrigation Conference - Francis on farm practice

UKIA 2014 Precision Irrigation Conference - Hess and Daccache on PI equip and management

UKIA 2014 Precision Irrigation Conference - Battilani on PI in Europe

UKIA 2014 Precision Irrigation Conference - monaghan on PI cropping

UKIA 2014 Precision Irrigation Conference - Hedley on PI in New Zealand

UKIA 2014 Precision Irrigation Conference - Blackmore on robots in agriculture

NFU meetings Jan/Feb 2013

Jack Keller

NFU position paper Nov 13

AGM agenda 2013

Abstractors workshop brief July 2013

Abstractors newsletter Jun 2013

Conference March 2013 Paul Hammett paper

Conference March 2012 Keith Weatherhead presentation

Conference March 2013 Mark Else presentation

Conference March 2013 Paul Hammett

Conference March 2013 Henry Leveson Gower presentation

Conference March 2013 Trevor Bishop presentation

Conference March 2013 Don Wilhite presentation

2012 AGM agenda and proxy form

Report to NDG Oct 2012

Draft water bill July 2012 (NULL4mb)

Env Agency water resources and drought prospects jun 2012

E news 1 May 2012 Section 57 notices

E news 30 march 2012 Benchmarking potatoes

E news 22 March 2012 Setting up National Drought Group

E news 19 April 2012 Request for reservoir information

Benchmarking guidelines

UKIA Conference 29 Feb Valuing water along the potato supply chain

UKIA Conference 29 Feb Understanding the food supply chain

UKIA Conference 29 Feb Water and the supply chain - a retailer's view

UKIA Conference 29 Feb CSR - a grower's perspective

UKIA Conference 29 Feb The government's White Paper

UKIA Conference 29 Feb Assessing drought risks for 2012

UKIA Conference 29 Feb Lessons from 2011 drought -what about 2012

Evidence to Defra Drought Summit 20 Feb 2012

Prospects for spray irrigation in Anglian region Feb 2012