Magna Produce

Magna Produce Ltd

Harris Bridge Farmhouse, Harris Bridge,

Sibson, Nuneaton, CV13 6LS

Tel: 07934 720239/07595 279932

Magna Produce (Irrigation) supply innovative irrigation pump and filtering solutions to UK abstractors. One such solution is the patented fish and eel friendly self-cleaning suction filter.

RIVERSCREEN is a rotating water driven self-cleaning screen built for shallow water pumping, reliably delivering water from as little as 4″ or 100mm depth. Constructed from stainless steel and aluminium components for low maintenance operation and long term durability.

Internal cleaning jets keep the rotating mesh filter clear of weed, leaves and other debris, preventing suction filter blockage and downtime. Low intake velocity protects aquatic wildlife including fish and eels. Standard on all models is #10 stainless steel mesh with 2mm opening to meet Environment Agency Eel Regulations. Other mesh sizes are available, including #120 mesh 125micron for drip irrigation applications.


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