Mark Stalham Potato Consultancy Ltd

Dr Mark Stalham offers specialist consultancy services to potato growers, particularly irrigation scheduling and cultivation strategies. He runs an irrigation scheduling model giving weekly advice on irrigation requirements and reviews soil water probe data to aid interpretation of watering requirements.

Mark Stalham

Tel: 07930 373182

He also offers training sessions on irrigator set-up and calibration and use of tools such as Raindancer. He is currently working with globally with multi-national companies on sustainability programmes aiming to improve water use efficiency.
He was formerly Head of the NIAB CUF Potato Research Group and guided the overall scientific direction, development and management of NIAB CUF’s activities, including knowledge exchange.
Mark has over 34 years of extensive experience at Cambridge University Farm and NIAB CUF and success in the areas of potato research and knowledge exchange. He has been instrumental in establishing and brokering industry and academic contacts, securing funding, and developing and managing key industry and research relationships with AHDB, industry partners, universities, CUPGRA and potato farmers in the UK and globally.
He has been the key presenter and mentor to the AHDB’s Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm programme since 2015 and presents ARTIS, ATP and other specific potato courses, aimed at audiences ranging from students and academics to agronomists, managers and farm staff. A considerable amount of his research in potatoes has focussed on sustainable soil and water management, including irrigation and cultivation strategies. He is well-published in peer-reviewed journals and a regularly-consulted reviewer and international conference speaker on potato agronomy.

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