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Roythornes Water & Flood Management team of experienced lawyers deal with complex water matters from all over the country. We regularly deal with large scale projects such as coastal accretion and flood defence work, as well as advising farmers and landowners on reservoir collaborations, abstraction licences, water conservation projects and pollution incidents.

We can advise and assist with:

  • agreements between landowners, drainage boards and the Environment Agency for partnerships to maintain and improve sea defences using Grant In Aid funding and in kind contributions;
  • proposed revocation and amendment of abstraction licences and appeals;
  • the transfer of water abstraction licences, remedying defective licences, the surrender variation and issue of new licences;
  • requirements of the Reservoirs Act 1975
  • the trading of licences and the impact of the Water Act 2003 on land sales;
  • liability and prosecutions for the pollution of water and contamination of drinking water;
  • the installation and adoption of water drains and sewers and responsibility for ownership of rivers and drains including duties arising from riparian ownership;
  • the development of sole use and joint venture private irrigation systems including reservoirs and the negotiation of easements for the supply of water across neighbouring land.

Water management often involves a multidisciplinary approach bringing together experts in agriculture, land, business and collaboration. Our team has been developed to offer this comprehensive service whatever the challenges or opportunities you face.


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